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Total degeneracy formula

The total energy E can be distributed in many different ways. For example, one particle can get all the energy E, and the other (N-1) particles get energy zero, or one particle can get the energy (n o-1) ε o, while one of the other particles gets energy ε o, and the rest get zero energy, and so on. In general, there can be a large number of combinations particularly if the number of.

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temperature, and amount of substance, eqn 17.3 is an equation of state. Example 17.1 Deriving an equation of state Derive an expression for the pressure of a gas of independent particles. Method We should suspect that the pressure is that given by the perfect gas law. To proceed systematically, substitute the explicit formula for Q for a gas of.

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degeneracy of the jth state, and the denominator Q is the so-called partition function: Q = Σ j Ω j exp(- E j /kT). The classical mechanical equivalent of the above quantum Boltzmann population formula for a system with a total of M coordinates (collectively denoted q- they would be the.

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138 Equation (11) imposes an upper limit on the value of Aff, for as A does not exceed unity, Afcannot exceed £( 3) = 1-202, i.e. N cannot be greater than N*,where N* = (13) or T cannot be less than T0, where D. S. Kothari and B. N. Singh chr n-I* 0 kISngV^U (14) Tq is called the “degeneracy temperature”. This limitation on the value of Aff has no physical basis and its.

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